31 March - 27 March
10:30am - 12:15pm

At Heaton Park

Ages: 1 - 99

£5.00 - £25.00

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Celebrate Mother’s Day with an outdoor adventure for all ages.

Everyone will be able to enjoy craft activities, games and delicious food and drink.

You’ll be able to plant some seeds to take home and craft your own daffodils. Enjoy a scavenger hunt and a game of eagle eyes. There will also be plenty of bug hunting, hammocks and a storytime session too.

Of course, you’ll need time to rest and refuel too. With hot dogs on the fire ( and a vegan option too) and a hot chocolate to warm up with at the end, this event should put a smile on everyone’s face.

What a super way to spend time with those you love on Mothers Day.

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Middleton Road, Higher Blackley Manchester, Greater Manchester, M25 2SW

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