17 April - 13 April
11:00am - 3:00pm

Ages: 11 - 16

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Drumming for beginners. You will be provided with a full-size, high-quality djembe drum. Have a great time with African Drumming.
Come to Forum Library in Wythenshawe for this exciting free session run by Drum Roots.
It’s the beat of the heart; the pulse of the blood; the rhythm of life – a celebration of the spirit as old as mankind. Drumming is a powerful, potent, and vital force that Drumroots has harnessed for education and entertainment, for self-expression and self-discovery.

All workshop participants will be provided with a full-size, high-quality djembe drum. Drumroots workshops, which have been developed over fifteen years of experience, offer participants the opportunity to interact and learn, whilst having a great time. African Drumming is inclusive, accessible and its impact is immediate. Through this powerful art form, anybody can build their confidence, improve their teamwork skills, explore their creativity, and experience a real sense of togetherness.

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