Things to do near Longsight

Always bustling and vibrant, and home to some of Manchester’s most diverse communities, there are many places to enjoy and things to do near Longsight, Manchester. 

Take a wander and enjoy a bite to eat at Longsight Market. This traditional community marketplace houses an eclectic cluster of stalls, selling clothes and world foods, under colourful iron roofs.

Boasting several mosques, the neighbourhood bursts into life every autumn during the Muslim festival of Chaand Raat. With a wide range of books, publications and newspapers available in many different languages, Longsight Library and Learning Centre is just around the corner too. 

Fancy a bit of tightwire walking, aerial acrobatics or parkour? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Based at Longsight Business Park, The Circus House offers circus skills for all ages and abilities at affordable prices. Stay active and try something new.

The Circus House

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