9 August - 27 August
12:00pm - 3:00pm

Ages: 1 - 100

Free. Booking is required.

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How would you like to see your street transformed into a safe space for an afternoon? A place for the community to enjoy together?

Active Streets is an opportunity for residents to see their street transformed into a community zone for an afternoon. This brilliant neighbourhood scheme will close your road off for the afternoon. Once closed, you can enjoy a safe space where the whole community can enjoy activities together.

Activities can include games like pop-up tennis, basketball and giant Jenga. You could also enjoy hula hooping and skipping as well as Connect4 and chalk games too.

The calendar for this year is FULL but if you are interested in setting up an ‘Active Street’ where you live please get in touch with Daniel Robinson – d.robinson@mcractive.com.

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