22 May - 31 December
10:00am - 4:00pm

At People’s History Museum

Ages: 5 - 100

Free. Booking is required.

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I Spy is a a fun way for first-time visitors to explore the galleries at the People’s History Museum. It’s also great for those that have visited before to experience their visit differently.

There are 16 treasures to find; some are artefacts and, for the really sharp-sighted, some are interesting details or parts of an artifact.

There are two galleries to explore. Packed with items and information about the ideas of those that have fought for representation and rights over the last 200 years; from the Peterloo Massacre to events that have happened in more recent times.

A great family day out, be sure to dig out those binoculars and your magnifying glass for some close-ups.

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Left Bank, Spinningfields Manchester, M3 3ER

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