27 March - 26 March
10:00am - 6:00pm

At The Whitworth


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Join the Whitworth for a 4-day summit inspired by the ‘What Kind of City’ art exhibition. The summit will focus on how art can help us all to become more active and creative. You’ll be able to hear from lots of speakers. There will also be opportunity for discussion to take part in workshops.

‘What Kind of City’ is an art exhibition at the Whitworth. It features a collection of artwork by the American artist Suzanne Lacy. As an artist and activist, Lacy drives social change and believes in involving communities in the creation of her work.

This particular collection of art features over 30 years of Lacy’s work. You’ll find lots of different types of art on display – photographs, film and also work that you can listen to.

The exhibition asks us all – what kind of city and future can we make together. The exhibition runs until 10 April 2022.

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