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Roll up your sleeves, dust off your rolling pin and join Manchester Jewish Museum in making hamantaschen. Hamantaschen are delicious tiny pastry triangles. They are traditionally eaten during the Jewish festival of Purim in March. Packed with flavour, the pastries can be sweet or savoury. For this baking workshop, the Museum will have a range […]

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Roll up your sleeves and join a Challah baking workshop at Manchester Jewish Museum. Challah is a traditional Jewish bread with a beautiful braid design. It is traditionally eaten on Shabbat (the Jewish day of worship, celebrated on Saturday) and at Jewish celebrations. The baking workshop is ideal for ages 6+ but open to all […]

Image credit: Image Courtesy of Manchester Art Gallery

Head to The Lion’s Den at the Manchester Art Gallery this spring and create art with your family. Create your own artwork with a fantastic team of artists. Explore colourful and interesting art materials. You can display your own pieces of art in the gallery or take them home with you.

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As the new year begins, Manchester Jewish Museum will be celebrating new starts and new life on the Sunday before Tu B’Shevat. The 15th of the Hebrew month of Shevat (this year falling on Monday 17 January) is celebrated as Tu B’Shevat – the ‘new year of trees’. It celebrates new life and marks the […]

Image credit: Science Museum Group

All aboard! Mini mechanics and engineers can enjoy some of the marvellous machines on display at the Science and Industry Museum this winter. Discover machines of all shapes and sizes and be inspired by the museum’s brand-new moving display, A Quiet Afternoon in the Cloud Cuckoo Valley. The display tells the story of a train […]

Image credit: John Powell Jones.

CYBERJUNK is an exciting art exhibition that features computer animation, life-size models, a comic book, ceramics and much more. Taking place at Castlefield Gallery, this artwork may appeal to people who are into science fiction, comic books and also horror films. Interesting stuff.  

Image credit: Mancherster Jewish Museum

Join the Manchester Jewish Museum to celebrate the first day of Chanukah. Create your own dreidel gift boxes (Jewish spinning tops) and fill them with gelt (chocolate coins). And take part in some giant dreidel games in the Museum’s former synagogue. Open to all ages and abilities, the activities are inspired by Jewish tradition and […]

Join Manchester Jewish Museum for a colourful marbling art workshop. Discover why Chanukah is sometimes called the ‘Festival of the Miracle of Oil’ and find out how oil is used during celebrations. At this workshop, you’ll use oil-based marbling paints to design your very own tote bags, paper and cards. Open to all ages and […]

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Find out more about the women who stayed and lived at Greenham Common in Berkshire from 1981 to 2000. The women stayed at the site for almost 20 years as they protested against the storage of nuclear weapons. You can join this event either in person at the People’s History Museum or online. Find out […]

Image credit: Sefton Samuels

The National Football Museum will showcase a fascinating selection of photographs by Sefton Samuels. Visit with friends and family and share memories of football through the ages. The exhibition features photographs from the 1960s to 1980s. Back to the days of Bovril and pies, you’ll be able to see portraits of your favourite players as […]