Image credit: Sefton Samuels

The National Football Museum will showcase a fascinating selection of photographs by Sefton Samuels. Visit with friends and family and share memories of football through the ages. The exhibition features photographs from the 1960s to 1980s. Back to the days of Bovril and pies, you’ll be able to see portraits of your favourite players as […]

Image credit: IWM

The iconic poppy work of art, which has been displayed at the IWM North and IWM London in 2018, is returning to IWM North. The striking artwork is made up of thousands of ceramic poppies which cascade beautifully down the inside of the museum building. As well as being an awesome large work of art, […]

Image credit: Sheba Arts Festival

Sheba Arts CIC will host its first full week, in-person community festival this year. The festival will showcase the best of community migrant art in Greater Manchester and the North of England. Offering an exciting community event, the festival will take place for two days in Manchester Central Library (in partnership with Ahmed Iqbal Ullah […]

Image credit: Elizabeth Gaskell's House

Elizabeth Gaskell’s House has a new exhibition about one of the author’s best known collection of stories – Cranford. Visit this exhibition to see rare editions of the book. You’ll also find some of the actual costumes worn in the BBC series by Dame Judi Dench on display too.

Image credit: HOME

Submissions are open for the Manchester Open 2022 exhibition. The Manchester Open is an art exhibition that welcomes artwork from anybody. Whether you’re a professional artist or creating art for the first time – you can submit your work to be displayed in the Manchester Open. HOME believes that everyone is an artist. This is […]

Image credit: Image courtesy of Frieze Sculpture and VITRINE. Photograph by Steven White.

Would you like to enjoy Castlefield Gallery at your own pace? ‘Slow Saturday’ offers an opportunity to book a timed visit to the Gallery so that you don’t feel rushed when you are experiencing the exhibitions. You will be able to enjoy the Gallery’s new exhibitions: The Annotated Reader and The Naming of Things. Tickets […]

Image credit: Sriwhana Spong, castle-crystal (2019), video still. Image courtesy the artist and Michael Lett

The Naming of Things is an art exhibition you can visit at Castlefield Gallery. The collection of includes different types of artwork. There will be paintings, sculptures and films for you to see. Each artwork aims to explore how we can use writing and language to express a range of different topics.    

Image credit: Lisson Gallery.

The Annotated Reader is a unique exhibition of writing displayed at Castlefield Gallery. The collection features almost 300 responses and handwritten annotations on a chosen piece of writing. For the exhibition, a range of people including artists, designers, writers and musicians were asked to imagine they’ve missed the last train. The clever exhibition displays their […]

Image credit: Image courtesy of Proud 2 b Parents © Allie Crewe 03

This collection of photographs at the People’s History Museum explores some of the prejudice faced by LGBT+ parents and families. Families come in all shapes and sizes. We think that this family-friendly exhibition raises awareness of LGBT+ families, and also celebrates the similarities between family lives.

Image credit: People's History Museum

Take a trip to the People’s History Museum and see a 200-year-old banner. The Tin Plate Workers Society banner is 200 years old on 19 July 2021. It was created by William Dixon for the celebration of the coronation of George IV (19 July 1821). The banner incorporates the Union Jack and was intended to […]